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A directional UHP Summer tyre that isn't afraid of rain, the MA-Z3 features aggressive grooving and a microsilica-infused tread compound for improved wet weather performance. Large 3D shoulder and high stiffness casing design ensures that the MA-Z3 can devour turns with the best as well.



All season UHP tyre enhanced for wet weather performance, the MA-ZAS features aggressive rain grooves to channel water away with great efficiency so you can drive with the greatest peace of mind. Some sizes features additional edge plies for maximum high-speed stability and driving confidence.



Based on the successful of the MA-P1, the MA-P3 aims to further refine the driving experience. The tyre features a new closed shoulder design which help minimize noise resonance in the tread area for reduced cabin noise. New construction design help maintain a stable contact patch for improved braking performance as well as overall traction.


WALTZ (MS-800)

A grand touring tyre engineered for refinement, the MS-800 features a new construction design which help absorb bumps, potholes and other road imperfections, The new tread compound also features organic oils to help reduce environmental impact while improving rolling resistance and fuel economy.


MECOTRA (ME3 new model)

One of the new generation of ECO touring tyres, the ME3 features a nano-silica tread compound to enhance wet performance and rolling resistance. The ME3 also features a new sipe design that helps absorb water away from the tread contact surface for improved hydroplaning resistance



A highway terrain with a touch of sporty handling, the HP-600 appeals to sporty SUV owners by utilizing a pattern that minimizes tread squirm for better steering responsive and handling. The tyre also features a new tread compound formulated for shock absorption and wet/dry traction.



A summer asymmetrical UHP designed for premium SUV's, the S-PRO features a new water groove design that minimizes pipe resonance for a more serene driving experience. The tyre also features a new hybrid profile design that allows engineers to maximize road contact while improving overall wear.