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Performance touring tire with great handling and comfort

  • Aggressive tread design with four circumferential grooves
  • Spiral jointless nylon cap or edge ply
  • Aesthetic sidewall
  • Outstanding steering response and handling stability
  • Excellent ride comfort with low noise level
  • UTQG 380 A A (55 Series)
  • UTQG 440 A A (60/65/70 Series BSW)
  • UTQG 440 A B (70 Series OWL)
  • 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty (60/65/70 series)   
  • 40,000-mile limited treadwear warranty (55 series)



A new construction design to maintain a stable contact patch for improved braking performance as well as excellent overall traction. MAP3 further refines the driving experience.

The tyre incorporates a new closed shoulder designed to minimise noise resonance in the tread area for reduced cabin noise.




Ultra High Performance tire designed for driving enthusiasts

  • Directional tread pattern features large semi-continuous shoulder blocks to maximize contact patch under spirited driving
  • Solid center rib offers extra stability and confidence at higher speeds
  • Enhanced sidewall design with a hard bead filler maximizes steering feedback and lateral stability
  • Four wide circumferential grooves improve hydroplaning resistance
  • Jointless spiral-wound cap ply maximizes ride refinement and durability
  • UTQG 240 AA A



Total Control, Luxurious Performance

  • Central 3 rib pattern design improves stability on high-speed straight line, provides excellent handling performance
  • Continuously outside blocks design improves lateral traction and steering performance
  • Curved shoulder grooves design reduces vibration noise produced by air and tread
  • Four straight main grooves design enhanced the aquaplaning on wet condition



New tread base rubber compound reduces excessive heat generation for consistent handling and wear performance

  • Aggressive directional tread with two circumferential grooves reduces pattern noise and hydroplaning resistance while retaining good performance under dry road conditions
  • Multi-pitch tread blocks reduce pattern noise and improve overall driving experience
  • Large 3D shoulder tread blocks increase tread stiffness for better handling and steering response while improving tread wear
  • New microsilica-infused compound reduces rolling resistance and improves wet traction
  • Jointless spiral-wound cap ply maximizes ride refinement and durability
  • High-stiffness casing for improved high-speed stability and handling
  • UTQG 300 A A



Asymmetrical non-directional tread pattern allows cross-rotation to maintain noise performance throughout the life of the tire

  • Semi-continuous inner ribs offer extra stability during braking and acceleration
  • Four wide circumferential grooves improve hydroplaning resistance
  • Computer-optimized tread block arrangement and pitch sequence offer a quiet and refined ride
  • Jointless spiral-wound cap ply maximizes ride refinement and durability
  • Innovative silica tread compound promotes outstanding wet and dry traction
  • UTQG 280 AA A for 55 and lower series
  • UTQG 280 A A for 60 and higher series


Mecotra ME3

 A European fuel-saving tyre for compact passenger cars

  • Optimal bead design absorbs impact for better rolling resistance performance

  • Nano Science Technology (NST) compound achieves high levels of wet grip and low rolling resistance

  • Enhanced contact patch improves handling and wet performance

  • New energy-saving sidewall design helps to give a comfortable ride with reduced rolling resistance

  • New 3D sipe technology stays open during contact with the road, reducing the risk of aquaplaning